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ATM Consulting Ltd. was founded by Ailbe Millerick and Tansey Millerick and is based in Dublin, Ireland. Our Consultants' strengths lie in their extensive management experience gained in Europe, the USA and Southeast Asia within the Pharmaceutical, Medical Device, Electronic and Allied Industries.

Notable projects delivered to the Pharmaceutical industry are

  • Developed, implemented and provided on site training in Quality Management Systems for GMP and GDP
    compliance at a pharmaceutical manufacturing facility. Initial and subsequent inspections by the FDA
    and IMB were successful. Continued to support the site in maintaining “Zero 483s” status over a period
    of 12 years.
  • Developed Quality Management System and operating procedures for GMP, GDP, GVP, GCP and market
    compliance, as required, for 14 companies manufacturing and distributing medicinal products or acting
    as 3rd party vendors, CMOs, service providers or suppliers to the industry.
  • Developed and delivered 3rd party vendor, CMO, service provider and supplier assessment and
    qualification programmes to five pharmaceutical companies. Included initial GMP (API and finished
    pharmaceuticals), GDP, GCP, GVP, GEP and GLP compliance qualification audits of new vendors in EU
    and USA, and periodic re-assessment audits with a frequency based on quality and regulatory compliance risk.
  • Developed a Risk Assessment Tool for a pharmaceutical company to be used to schedule and manage
    their external audit programme on the basis of risk.
  • Performed mock regulatory inspections prior to inspections by the FDA, EMEA or EU Competent Authorities
    in five pharmaceutical companies. Included reporting and assisting with implementing audit actions arising
    in preparation for the inspection by the regulatory agency.
  • Four Interim Quality Management positions held in two pharmaceutical manufacturing companies (tablets,
    inhalations and steriles). Included preparation for and participation in multiple regulatory agency inspections,
    responding to regulatory agencies on inspection outcomes and managing implementation of actions arising to
    address inspection observations.
  • Notable projects delivered to the Electronics industry are

  • Construction Logistics Manager for an international Semiconductor facilities construction client
  • Preconstruction Services assignment completed for a large construction project in the Semiconductor sector
  • Detailed logistics plan developed for a complex conversion project in an operating Semiconductor manufacturing
  • Developed the Facilities Master Plan for a 'hi-tech' multi-fab campus in the UAE for a state investment entity
  • Facilities and Contracts Manager for four client commercial facilities from commissioning to acceptance,
    including shakedown of architectural, mechanical, electrical, building management systems and biometric
    security systems
  • Facilities Planning Manager for Intel Ireland division comprising project planning and site logistics
    management for Semiconductor fabrication facilities with zero impact on existing operations